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A Misty End To July For Bonita Racers

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  • A Misty End To July For Bonita Racers

    Rounding out the end of July on the YRA calendar, the Encinal or Bonita race was held over the past weekend.
    a 22 nm jaunt from off of Treasure Island and out the gat to Point Bonita and then back to the Encinal Yacht Club in the Estuary

    A cool misty day with a 2.7 knot flood and varying moments of visibility, sometimes completely occluded in the Golden Gate Strait, and
    moments of 1 mile or so, dashed with drizzle, loud fog horns and large vessels and fishing boats transiting the area!

    43 boats in 10 divisions answered the call for the 2nd Half Opener, as it used to be referred, and relished in the joy of not being in 100 degree weather
    and smoke for the July nightcap!

    Basic Instinct and thick fog working their way up the Marin Coastline

    Alchemy & Zeehond work their way down the Estuary

    Goose flying out of formation, sans separation anxiety!

    Heart of Gold dances along the leeward side to impress diners at local restaurants!

    Wuda Kuda & Elan had an impressive match race all the way from Point Bonita to the Bay Bridge!

    Chesapeake all lined up

    Kuai was the 2nd fastest Melges 32, yielding class honors to Nuckelavee by 26 seconds!

    Madmen would post the fastest corrected time, 03:33:56, and take PHRF 2 as well

    Aresenal took 2nd in the "Big Boat " Division ceding 1st place to Bodacious by 4.29 corrected

    Jet Stream and Basic Instinct crossing paths near Point Diablo. Twas young Alex Alvarez's 1st venture outside the Gate with pops, and drove all the way from Bonita to the finish. less than a minute behind the Sporty Division winners! Not bad for a 12 year old!

    Results :

    Phabulois Photoboy Photos :
    2022 Encinal / Bonita Race - h2oshots

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery