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Mighty Merloe Nearly Sank At Anacapa

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  • Mighty Merloe Nearly Sank At Anacapa

    TowBoatUS Ventura & Channel Islands is at Anacapa Island.

    Wednesday night, a distress call was made from a 60’ long by 58’ wide high-performance racing trimaran. The vessel was hard aground, wedged into a rocky cove and against a cliff with the mast hitting the cliff. Along with the U.S. Coast Guard, Captains Paul & Carson responded to the distress. A large kelp bed and shallow waters prevented resources from getting too close.

    To get the victims out of harm's way and to act as quickly as possible to preserve the value of the vessel and before pollution could have occurred within the Channel Islands National Park and NOAA Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, Captain Carson was placed in the water to bring a towing hawser through the kelp and make an attachment to the vessel.

    The vessel, and the two people on board, were safely removed from the island and towed back to Ventura Harbor where they were brought to the launch ramp because of their size.

    The vessel was previously named the “Mighty Merloe” and has been well known in the racing community. In 2017 the vessel set a Transpac record to sail from LA to Hawaii in just 4 days and 6 hours.

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