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A New Wave At SFYC

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  • A New Wave At SFYC

    The San Francisco Yacht Club hosted its inaugural New Wave Regatta in the RS21s, spearheaded by Director Cassidy J Lynch.
    The event was built around fun and there was a mix of sailing abilities on the course, ranging from committed racer to never-sailed-before.
    Entries sold out and all six RS21s were on the starting line.

    Conditions were overcast with a calm and oscillating 6-8 knots in Richardson Bay, where the RC set the course. After six races the top two boats finished with the same number of points.
    First place went to Scott Lynch, Tommy Pastalka, Elliott James, Isabelle du Moulin and Gibson Buttfield.
    Second place went to Kim Krogstad, Mathieu Krogstad and Joel Turmel.
    The third-place finisher was Daniel Thompson, Will McMullen, Hannah Holscher and Ryan Lynch.

    Big thanks to Forrest Gay and Adam Corpuz Lahne for race management and adult supervision. Quote of the day: “Your RS21 regatta has lowered the average age around here by a few decades” – anonymous bartender.

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