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  • A Muey Rapido Seis De Mayo GVR

    The 2023 YRA Party Circuit Season Opener, otherwise referred to as The Great Vallejo Race was by all means one of the fastest dashes
    up to the mouth of the Napa River in recent memory. An overnight, late season weather system brought a mix of moisture, cool temperatures and abundance of clouds to the Bay Area, and despite forecasts of light wind in the morning, the clearing winds ushered the
    fleet of 96 boats entered, a quick run from the Bezerkeley Circle across the San Pablow Bay and to the Vallejo Yacht Club in short order

    The 2.0 flood provided additional assistance, it's timing near perfectly in coordination with the 10:30 AM 1st gun.
    The course of 22 NM was devoured by the low raters in the fleet, with Team Hollywood on the J-125 Rufless finishing
    with an elapsed time of 02:13:26 to claim overall line honors. Corrected PHRF 1 honors would however go to Daniel Thielman's Melges 32 Kuai with an corrected time of 02:32:09

    Truth be told, nearly the entirety of the fleet completed the up river blast in under 3 hours, with only 8 boats taking a tad longer,
    and one vessel, Steve Hocking's Ranger 26' Impulse, sticking the 03:00:00 elapsed perfectly!

    Overall corrected winner honors would go to Ben Landon's T650 Flight Risk with a time of 02:27:06, besting Gordie Nash's Acadia by 53 seconds and Greg NelsEn's Outsider by 1 minute and 53 seconds corrected...

    Full results by division, downhill ratings and whatnot are listed at link below!

    Gallery: 2023 Great Vallejo Race - h2oshots
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery