Located between the Encinal Yacht Club and The Fortman Marina, the former shipping terminal has remained abandoned for decades
and is now on the development block.

Not that Alameda needs any more congestion, traffic and high density housing, but on the bright side, *up to 160 slips* is a positive note.

We will see if and when those slips appear and what capacity they hold.


Last week Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1706 into law, which facilitates the productive reuse and redevelopment of vacant and underutilized lands within Alameda for much-needed housing, maritime uses, and publicly available open space.

The City looks forward to breaking ground on this once blighted property that sat vacant for over 10 years. Soon we will see 589 housing units being built, 80 of which are affordable, along with commercial retail space, a marina with up to 160 berths, and over 4 acres of publicly owned waterfront parks.

Thank you Assemblymember Mia Bonta for authoring this legislation and bringing this tremendous new amenity to the City of Alameda which will be enjoyed by the surrounding East Bay region!