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The Second Half Opener Delights The Contestants And Spectators Alike

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  • The Second Half Opener Delights The Contestants And Spectators Alike

    Division 09 Start Off Treasure Island

    56 boats registered for the annual romp out the gate to Point Bonita and then down the Estuary, the YRA's Annual Encinal Race. Formerly known as The Second Half Opener and The Bonita Race, it's always a crowd favorite and a good opportunity for non ocean racers and ocean racers alike to mix it up outside the gate and poke their noses into a bit of ocean without a huge commitment to time or gear.

    Double Down And Heart of Gold crossing tacks on 1st hitch

    The big blue container ship Maersk Alfirk's timing on entrance matched perfectly with the bulk of the fleet working their way in the GG Strait. The fleet of Lasers deciding to join in the chaos was inexplicable

    The start area off Treasure Island was basking in sun, with a steady breeze and flat waters. The fleet got off with a hitch, on time and split choices to go left, right or center. The ebb had not really taken effect in the central bay yet but the water was flat and the course shorter, so perhaps that was the quickest route?

    The big low raters made quick work of the uphill ride out the gate, with ebb assist under the bridge, and a lot less sun and reduced visibility and much colder temps. The ride back in was non eventful until the boats reentered the bay, with the ebb now increasing and the winds coming off the city-front ramping up!

    In a photo finish, Rufless passes under the GGB ahead of Alfirk by a nose

    Olson 25's Omar and Synchronicity match racing before the South Tower Demon

    Invictus leading the pack through the building ebb

    Reverie using every square inch of the massive kite

    Wuda Kuda demonstrating the leeward shaka

    White Shadow moving in for a close up

    The leaders made quick work of the leg, slowed only by the reverse treadmill, making for less VMG than the brochure promise. This only increased as they entered the south bay, where the water moving out was increasing and the pressure was decreasing. The boats that did the best, skirted Treasure Island and Yerba Buena then worked down to the edge of the outer harbor.

    The temps rising and clothing reduced significantly. Rumors of adult beverages being enjoyed are probable to more than likely. The big blue containership provided additional navigational challenges, compounded with two large ferry boats attempting a simultaneous passage.

    That's it for story time... this time!

    For Pete's Sake ripping past with ear to ear grins!

    Golden Moon with new owner looking good!

    The token multihull, Greyhound won their division, uncontested!

    Wiley Coyote And Bombora match racing towards Treasure Island. The Coyote would not only win their division but also correct out into 1st overall for the fleet!

    The signature light air kite walk down the estuary

    Alfirk was not done messing with the race, fortunately , they got spun around just before the fleet arrived!

    Jetstream, Zamazan and Rufless on the final stretch for line honors!

    Rufless would hang on to take the checkered flag, but not handicapped enough correct out as top dog!

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