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2023 Rolex Big Boat Series Compact Report

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  • 2023 Rolex Big Boat Series Compact Report

    The 2023 Rolex "Big Boat" Series has come and gone, races completed, parties attended, protests resolved, fancy watches handed out.

    Just memories and swag left to cherish ( and some shiny trophies and bragging rights.

    Not the windiest nor sunniest regatta, but fairly well attended with medium sized boats in the 30'-40' range for the most part.

    Have the days of maxi's and sleds completely vanished? Will grand prix yachts return someday? The TP52's and Pac 52's just a distant memory?

    Race organizers worked their tails off for months on end, and tried to regain some out of town interest for "Big Boats" to attend,
    yet seemingly, that ship has set sail.

    Onward and forward.

    The Offshore Racing Congress fleets provided and apparently level handicap to allow a variety of different boats to compete in a complicated but fair playing field, allowing mostly local low raters and crews to compete for 4 days and 7 races. The Cape 31' class is a rapidly growing and exciting fleet to watch. The NYYC hosted a concurrent 4 day regatta in the form of the Invitational Cup, sailed in IC37's... Can they possibly expand enough to become a West Coast 1 Design fleet?

    The J-105 class has become the prevailing large attendance fleet here in The Bay Area, and certainly the Big Boat Series, with 31
    boats competing in complete harmony.

    The Express 37's, have been a steady stalwart here on the West Coast, for ocean , point to point and buoy races. 8 boats were in attendance for the RBBS this year with an out of town boat and crew, Shawn Ivie and the crew on Limitless seemingly untouchable, 6 bullets and a 2nd is pretty indisputable...

    Also with 8 one designs, the J-88 division, provided pretty even, tight sailing throughout the event, With Chris Karamanolis's Pelagia emerging the new class victor. It's worth noting that Brice Dunwoodie's Ravenette was well in the hunt, if not for an equipment failure in race in race 2, resulting in 9 points sealed their fate earning a respectable 2nd.

    The full results can be found in this location:

    A more detailed storyline on the regatta can be acquired here:

    2 galleries of images can be found HERE:
    2023 Rolex Big Boat Series Day 3 - h2oshots

    and HERE:
    2023 Rolex Big Boat Series Day 1 - h2oshots

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery