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Fire Spontaneously Erupts On 3 Boats At Oyster Cove In South San Francisco

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  • Fire Spontaneously Erupts On 3 Boats At Oyster Cove In South San Francisco

    Fire erupted on 3 anchor outs boats at the Oyster Cove Marina Cove this morning.
    At least 3 people dove into the water to escape the infernos, and one was transported to
    the hospital for likely burns.

    The adjacent Oyster Cove Marina, which used to host dozens of boats, closed it's doors in 2022, and told tenants they must leave. Some of them, with no where else to go, have been anchoring out ever since.

    Three vessels had been rafted together when the fire began but became separated as the inferno grew and drifted apart.


    Several dozen South San Francisco residents who live on their boats, many of whom say they have nowhere else to go, are being evicted from Oyster Cove Marina to make way for a biotech campus expansion.

    Residents of the private 200-slip marina were given just two weeks last month to sign a document agreeing to leave by Oct. 15 — or else face eviction after 30 days. And while 14 were offered $10,000 to relocate, many others, some of whom lost their legal “live-aboard” status in recent years, are being left out of the offer.

    The move comes after Kilroy Realty purchased the marina, along with 50 acres adjacent, in 2018. The Southern California based developer is currently in the midst of building 3 million square feet of office and research space on the land.

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