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Rollo Wheeler & Spring Fest Combo!

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  • Rollo Wheeler & Spring Fest Combo!

    There are time when universes collide, bringing various masses hurtling together in a semi quantum chaotic stew that can only be attributed to timing, weather and the pull from planetary forces... Saturday's racing in the waters off Treasure Island was one of them.

    The St Francis Yacht Club was hosting the Spring Fest, with some of the fleets starting of the western edge of T.I. and simultaneously,
    the Berkeley Yacht Club was hosting the Annual Rollo Wheeler Regatta off the Berkeley Circle with the weather mark of the Red "2" Buoy
    off the NW corner of Treasure Island. Add a 3.8 ebb at the the gate scheduled for mid afternoon, a brisk south westerly breeze and a generous dose of ferry transit with their wake influence on the waters and you have and abundance of effects to keep everyone on their toes!

    The RC at the StFYC had the bigger challenge as the currents increased, marks drifted and boats had trouble timing the start as the southerly flow of the current along the startline was perpendicular to the wind creating lots of general recalls for the 24 J-105s in attendance, and interesting mark roundings all around! Meanwhile, the fleets coming up from the Circle enjoyed a sweet escalator ride to YRA 7, but judging the current at the mark was anything but routine, toss in some ferry traffic for fun and the same ebb now reducing your easterly VMG, creating a bit of a treadmill effect, and you get the picture!

    Speaking of pictures, here is a sampler of the day's fun!

    Selects from The Wheeler Regatta


    Selects From The Spring Fling


    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery