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  • J-120 Ocean Race

    While the majority of the Bay Area sailors were congregating around the Richmond / Bezerkeley flats area Saturday morning, preparing for and engaging in the massive floating downhill jaunt to the spiritual oasis that is Vallejo, The NorCal J-120 fleet took a radical departure. Offshore. As part of their 8 Race Championship Series, the fleet sails hard and parties hard, and have become a solid class with few defections in their robust regatta circuit.

    While the Vallejo folks were stripping down and lathering up Saturday, The 120’s went west to the Light bucket and were greeted with a brisk Northwester once outside the gate compile with a cooling marine layer, As the day progressed so did the wind, making May Day 2010 one the fleet won’t soon forget!

    I windsurf’s SF Entrance Buoy graph for May 1st

    On Board Twist, Deep 6 took few clicks and sends us this quick summary of the days adventure:

    Started out with the fleet meeting NW of the corner of TI, for a Rabbit start, Late Harvest was the rabbit. The call went out over the radio, to get the hunt.. .... scratch that, the Race going.

    Light Air and some current was the early game, with the lead boats doing well under #1, but some of them got the bright idea to put the kites up, which was ok if you wanted to sail deep, and that was ended quickly most of the boats going back to #1's.

    Mr Magoo gets some fresh winds and away they go, the fleet gets out to the gate and finds even lighter winds just outside, some boats get stuck inside close to the north shore, and others looked for wind in the center. This led to all the boats spreading out, and heading out to G7.

    The wind freshened and things were going well. about 2 miles from the mark, the wind started piping up, we still had our #1 up, and stuck with it to the turn. The last 2 miles we saw the wind build from 15 to low 20's, close to the mark we were seeing mid 20's and I think the max we saw was 29

    Bore off and started to surf, we put in the jibe, and away we went back home. Then came out the Dominos Pizza, Timo is a expert driving down wind with a slice in his hands...

    2010 J-120 Fleet #5 Championship Schedule
    Date Event Sponsor
    March 20-21, 2010 Spring One Design St.FYC
    April 10-11, 2010 J/Fest St.FYC
    May 1, 2010 J/120 Ocean Race Fleet #5
    May 15-16, 2010 Stone Cup St.FYC
    June 5-6, 2010 J/120 Invitational SFYC
    July 30-Aug 1, 2010 Aldo Alessio St.FYC
    August 21-22, 2010 South Beach Regatta SBYC
    September 16-19, 2010 Big Boat Series St.FYC

    B-Season Events
    Date Event Sponsor
    June 26-27 NOOD St.FYC
    August 14-15, 2010 Summer Keel SFYC
    October 2-3 Leukemia Cup SFYC
    - b-season events do not count towards season championship
    - owner/driver and crew limit rules are waived ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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    Any word on results?? And WTF did the fleet vote to just go out to #7 instead of the LB??


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      Based on the fact that the bucket was well above 30, and your boat was bitching about the fact they didn't have WD on the bow, G7 was the call. I think it was a good call, as well as most of the people I herd from.

      Some people "to remain nameless" had to be back @ 2pm for some events...



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        Shoot I knew it was going to be the short course I could have made it…………Results??


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          Gotta drop a few J-Bombs in here....

          Stumbled upon the J-120's Mini Silver Eagle Last year as they were blasting from TI to RR...

          Just dumb luck, but even a blind pig finds a truffle now and again...
          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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