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    Mini selects gallery

    Some eye candy to pass the time til the galleries are fully populated and the write up is complete!
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    This stuff only happens in cartoons and slapstick, but sure enough during a topsail hoist at
    Saturday's Master Mariners, a member aboard Brigadoon found out why you allways clear your feets
    before a hoist. Hope everyone is okay! Good to see Terry Klaus keeping her looking good!
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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      “Going to sea in a wooden boat is like going to prison, with a chance of drowning”
      Samuel Johnson

      You don’t have to be big to be a Master Mariner

      Sometimes the pleasure is worth all the pain. The 2010 Master Mariners Regatta marked the 45th rendition of the gathering of all things wood to do some good.

      The annual regatta celebrates a moving flotilla of maritime history with roots dating back to 1867. In those days the spectacle of watching the working scows and massive coastal schooners was observed and bet upon by thousands on Telegraph Hill. 30-40 fully crewed schooners would compete in a timed fashion from the foot of Telegraph Hill, southward to Hunters Point, then eastward to Oakland Creek. A beat out the gate and a finish back at Telegraph, would consummate this Annual July 4th tradition. Funds raised by sponsors of each vessel would go towards a charity foundation for the orphans and widows of sailor lost at sea.

      Master Mariners patron saint William Vaughan show of his Diane Beeston photo of the 1914 Gaff Yawl Billiken with himself at helm

      By 1891 steam had become king and the majestic display was lost and all but forgotten. Resurrected in 1965 with the stewardship of Maritime Attorney William Vaughn, The Master Mariners Benevolent Association sought out and attracted many of the vessels of yesteryear with a new approach and date. The now Memorial Day Weekend regatta would serve as a catalyst to get some of the elderly, pre- WWII vessels out and racing again, combined with a proper wooden boat show later in summer (this year on Sunday, June 27th).

      The funds from the boat show and tee shirt sales along with excess membership funds all going to towards benevolent activities of the group’s foundation which works to help keep traditional maritime activities and history alive. While the vessels sailing in today’s events pale in size, they are massive in color and character. Many of these vessels were designed and built right here in San Francisco, and were the precursor to the carbon and kevlar go fast machines we see every weekend.

      The annual MMBA Show at the Corinthian is a must do for lover of all things wood and the primary fund raiser for the Master Mariners Benevolent Association

      Brigadoon Blazes along Yellow Bluff

      Farallone Clippers, designed for SF Bay and jaunts out to the Stinky Rocks

      The Bears, the Birds, Farallone Clippers, are all original one designs built for the rigors of SF Bay. Alma, the last remaining hay scow schooner, found as a derelict in Alviso, has been magnificently restored and is part of the SF Maritime Museum. Sterlyn Hayden’s 1924 Gaff Rigged Schooner “Brigadoon” could be seen in the 60s anchored in Aquatic Park, a lone Bagpipper playing ”Amazing Grace” at sunset, while stoned hippies watched and listened in awe. She later ironically became the property of SF’s own Quick Silver Messenger Service, which found her ample galley and deck a perfect party haven.

      Brigadoons current owner Terry Klaus shows off one of his… know

      Santana, formerly owned and sailed by Bogie himself was salvaged in years past and participates on a regular basis. Her stablemate at the SF Marina, Yankee is a SF original and was constructed in 1906 at the then Stone Boat Yard, literally yards away from where she rests, lovingly restored and cared for. She competed in every Windjammers from 1917 to 1965 and in many a Farallones race. Her owners indicate she’s still very competitive on reaching legs and she serves as the family round table, a hull of tranquilty where all matters other than sailing and fun are left at the dock.

      Yankee off to the races

      Whaling Boat " Viking" First in Class and 1st to Finish

      According to Ariane Paul, Commodore and a Director of the MMBA, here a few tidbits you may or may not know about the Master Mariners:

      “Sailing vessels are supposed to be of a pre WWII design and construction method, but we have updated membership qualifications a little bit in recent years. The hulls are either wood or steel.

      Bear Boats are an SF institution, the are no Cardinal boats we know of, Go Bears!

      There are approximately 155 to 160 vessels in the membership currently, plus another 40 individuals that are either Friend members (without a boat) or Staff Commodores.

      The Master Mariners Benevolent Foundation carries on the tradition of benevolence by raising funds at our annual Wooden Boat Show, Sunday, June 27th at the Corinthian Yacht Club (this is our next big event). They sponsor youth cadets on tall ships and other programs such as the Call of the Sea on Seaward, shipwright apprenticeships at the Arques School, and the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center's restoration of Freda.”

      Each year the MMBA produces a new tee shirt, alternating between Marconi and gaffed rigged vessels,
      Art work produced by Caleb Whitbeck Be sure to secure yours this year at the Boatshow or via
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      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery