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    OYRA Drakes Bay this weekend, anybody going?

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    I absolutely love that race but this year I will be sitting it out! Back in the late 70’s early 80’s it was not uncommon to contact the CG and get permission to set off old unused flares but they stopped that years ago. Have a great time and don’t be afraid to change your anchorage in the middle of the night if/when the wind shifts.


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      What a weekend

      What a nice pleasant weekend. 5-12k NW breeze, VERY calm seas. I've never been at hook with the boat so still (vs. the normal Gale your ride out at Drakes). We finished at 3pm on Sat. and it was dry t-shirt weather until sunset. Lots of fog on the way back but it would occasionally lift for some incredible views.
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        Sweet...........any results yet?


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          Yup.... not hard to figure out though for 1A as only two boats showed and the SC50 turn and burned on Sat. afternoon.


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            Ohana working out down wind 10 miles north of Pt Bonita

            A photo
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              1D35 Dark and Stormy (or Alpha Puppy ??) working the western shore of Nor Cal coas

              Nor cal coast gives up a 10 - 20 kt day as fleet advances towards S.F.
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                Just a little late on this thread ( Drakes Bay race )

                Saturday was pretty torturous for the two of us on the Cal20 ,

                BUT , Sunday more than made up for it ! we corrected out first overall on Sunday ! Headed out because it didn't look like there was much wind toward the inside , Richard called the Jibe on Fourfathom bank too early and we had to fight to make it past the North tower ! With very weird winds comming off the Marin headlands , we kept the Spinnaker up and turned north right into yellow bluff and huricaine gulch ! tiped her down let out the sheet a little and roared into Racoon straights in the nice flat water of the bay ! Strange to have other traffic around after being outside the gate ,, ,,




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                  Small fleet! Year ago we saw 20 to 30 boats attend. I suppose back then they were a bit more comfortable.

                  Spooking the sharks upon arrival and bbq'd oysters on the beach were always highlights.