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    Been following the 18's on SF Bay for 9 years now, and witnessing Howie Hamlin and
    crew crashing is rarer than punk rocker at a Brooks & Dunn Concert... Yet on day 4,
    the race that preceded the Bridge to Bridge race, all hell broke loose, and nobody was spared
    pain. At one point there were 7-9 capsized boats.

    Was just very fortunate to have Howie perform his rare wet exit right in front of me...

    even so, they were back up in a heartbeat and ready for more, but by then, the RC decided
    there would be no boats left for the B2B and abandoned the race...

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    Great sequence! It's amazing the boats don't crumple into balls of cabon and string.......


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      Originally posted by familysailor View Post
      Great sequence! It's amazing the boats don't crumple into bals of cabon and string.......
      Oh, trust me, sometimes they do...
      Concrete and cars are their own prison bars....
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        Looks like Fritz and Matt are 1/2 way up the rack before HH finished his graceful entry!