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Black Eye Peas, Don Henley, Steve Miller At TI

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  • Black Eye Peas, Don Henley, Steve Miller At TI

    They have set the stage up right next to the water this year, for Wednesdays Oracle World Appreciation Show. Not advocating sailing over and dropping a hook, but, if you do, mind the cables attached to the Left Coast Lifter, extending to the mooring balls well into Clipper Cove. LCL is the gigantic crane working on the Bay Bridge retrofit. Cables will be impossible to see at night....

    Oh, and take some pics!
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    Thanks for the tip about Steve Miller. I for one will be there on the 22nd.

    In addition to your warning about the cables, I'd advise anyone to check their depth sounder as shoaling is quite a bit worse than shown on charts in there, possibly due to the crane operation.

    Speaking of the mooring cables - why the hell don't they spray paint them orange or something? It's just a matter of time before some boater cuts themselves off at the deck on those things -- and for that matter, how can they get away with mooring all those bridge bits east of TI without proper anchor lights?


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      Gotta check the Notices to Mariners amigo. It's all listed here.


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        I sailed over to Clipper Cove for the big Oracle event and enjoyed it mightily, though I was not able to anchor quite as close to the stage as I'd hoped.

        While tacking up on port towards the old navy pier I saw one of the SFPD Maritime Unit's Safe Boats accelerate towards me rapidly, and when they approached within hail I was advised that the area nearest the island was off-limits for anchoring. Evidently they were patrolling to prevent waterborne party crashers. (In fact, I got the sense that security on land was even more strict and imagined scores of fellows bearing Uzis forming a picket at the waters edge).

        I was nonetheless gratified by the surprisingly tolerable quality of the sound from the spot I took just west of the north-westernmost of the super crane's mooring balls; behind and slightly to the right- and also slightly windward of- the stage. I watched the band play with my good pair of binocs.

        Steve Miller was awesome and I will cherish the memory of hearing some of his newer material as well as many of my old favorites to which he sometimes applied new cadences. I napped through most of the opening acts.


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          Was Fergie looking good? Any other boats in the area?


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            As for Fergie, I would have gone up on deck early with the binocs had I known. There were two other boats which anchored: a big Columbia with the bubble cabin and what looked like a Hunter knock-off.


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              Viva l' Fergie
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