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Albert " T-Bone" Simpson Regatta

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  • Albert " T-Bone" Simpson Regatta

    "Sergie the Magnificent" was Johnny on the Spot yesterday at the StFYC' Albert "T-Bone"
    Simpson regatta. Not a happy ending for the IOD fleets season. Full report to follow!

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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      What a difference a week makes.

      7 days ago, jets were screaming about the bay and locals
      were seeking shade from the merciless sun. Winter made a preview in time to remind sailors
      to pull out the woolies, long undies and gloves. The St Francis did triple duty, hosting the Wylie Wabbit Nationals, The Jessica Cup and the Joe Logan & Calvin Paige/ Albert T Simpson Regatta simultaneously!

      Dave Rassmussen grimaces as they cruise by the TV with the Battle of the Bay on the TV
      on the back of the W. L Stewart. But how else can you encourage race committee volunteers
      on such a day as this?

      Express yourself! Ray Lotto's El Ratton Ties John Rivlins' Peacheds with 14 points in 6 races

      A little Pirate in them.

      Libra experiments with the righting motions and complicated dynamics of gravity vs wind pressure

      Marianne, proof positive that Stars are the perfect couple boat!

      All images courtesy Sergie The Magnificent


      Joe Logan and Calvin Paige

      Wylie Wabbit Nationals

      Jessica Cup

      Albert T Simpson ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~