With an ambitous plan that includes a couple shorthanded lightship races, a double handed Farallones race the a singlehanded Farallones, followed closely with the Spinnaker Cup, ( SF to Monterey) then the Coastal Cup (SF to Santa Barbara) and finally the Pacific Cup, SF to Hawaii, young Emma Creighton is on a mission! We hope to provide a full interview soon as she slows down for a minute, in the mean time, heres a short blurb from her blog!

March 15, 2010
This weekend was full of 1sts:

•1st trip across the bay totally solo- on Friday, in the pouring rain and 20+ kts, upwind from RYC to StFYC… no half as miserable as it sounds.
•1st race out the Gate- Double Handed Lightship on Saturday with Trevor Baylis- light and sloppy on the way out, rounded and finally found some breeze (and some fricking massive waves) north of the channel. The last 1/3 of the distance took a fraction of the total time…
•1st 1st. 1st in our division, 3rd overall in the DHLS.
•1st race with Andy Hamilton (Big Daddy pursuit race today, around Alcatraz and Angel islands from RYC)
•1st broken thing- a reaching strut… my bad. Stupid. Time for some more fun with vacuum bags…
•1st time showing someone from a publication (Latitude 38) around the boat and having my picture taken
•1st time feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of interested and supportive people at the dock, followed up by:
•1st time realizing that there are a few questions I wouldn’t mind having to answer less in the future. Which leads me to:

•Q: Does the keel cant?
•A: Yes, and it moves fore and aft- no hydraulics, all line purchase systems led to winches.
•Q: What is that?
•Popular answers include: It’s the spinnaker pole, or, It’s a reaching strut, or, it’s the hole that the reaching strut plugs in to.
•Q: Where does one sleep?
•A: I’ll get back to you on that one.
•Q: Where was the boat built?
•A: It’s a Simon Rogers (so, British) design, built at Sydney Yachts in Australia. I bought it in France and had it shipped here. So no, I did not sail it here from Brazil.
•Q: Do you need 100k to help out the your campaign?
•A: Why yes, actually….
Ok, so that last one is a question I haven’t been asked yet, but there’s always time.

Basically it was a beautiful weekend, and getting the boat out the gate was really fantastic. The boat loves 15+ knots of breeze and big swells, and it really made me realize that going to Hawaii this summer is going to be a total blast.

Here is a link to some pictures from the DHLS, and here are some more.