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  • Cayard Complete Part II

    Cayard Complete Part II

    We began this epic on Paul Cayard with an intro to Paul’s humble beginning, his introduction to the legendary Tom Blackaller and his highlights of his Maxi campaigns with the late Raul Gardini’s il Moro/

    You can review the intro
    We now continue the interview with Paul’s 1st America’s Cup Campaign as the Skpper: Paul on nationalism: "Back then you co...
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  • Cayard Complete Part 1

    Cayard Complete Part 1

    INTRO: Paul Cayard began sailing at on Lake Merritt In Oakland California at age 8 when a friend introduced him to sport. With the aide of a borrowed an El Toro complete with Cox cotton sails the youngster, with no previous sailing was instantly addicted. Father Pierre, a master woodworker with the S.F. Opera and Ballet Company, believing it was just a phase, labored after work in his garage to build Paul his own El Toro. Hull no 6168, lovingly built in 1968, was became Paul’s road to ...
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  • Local SF Bay Sailor Recieves Jefferson Award

    Local SF Bay Sailor Recieves Jefferson Award

    BERKELEY (CBS 5) – A small group of children lined up side by side along the port side of the sailboat Benjamin Walters. “If you’re holding on to a line and someone pulls on it, your finger could get trapped and you could get hurt,” Captain Richard Gillette warned them as they watched with rapt attention. This was no ordinary boat ride. Gillette was leading the group on a San Francisco Bay adventure. He and his all-volunteer crew take children on free trips ...
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  • Supporting Local Sailing

    in News

    Supporting Local Sailing

    Pressure Drop sponsor Ballard Sails is putting their advertising money where it matters, supporting local sailing. By donating money to the Pacific Northwest Moore 24 fleet they are enabling the fleet to afford printing their custom fleet newsletter. Getting that printed newsletter out in front of people is helpful not only for the PNW Moore 24 fleet but encourages some positive exposure for PNW sailing showing a vibrant and active community.

    Way to go Joe a...
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  • El Toro Loco

    El Toro Loco

    From days gone by. ID this sailor and the location and win a nice new shiny Pressure Drop Hat!

    Post Guesses Here!...
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  • Sail Rocket's Tow Tests

    Sail Rocket's Tow Tests

    "The warm East wind was blowing lightly this morning which would indicate a nice but relatively windless day ahead. We will do one more session of tow testing where we will actually measure some of these loads... and then we will roll straight into the wing trials. We might be able to do both of these today if this wind settles a little so as not to corrupt the numbers." "I must admit that I am still a little concerned about the 'hump' drag. In respect to our situation, this 'hump' is the amou...
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  • Happy Campers

    Happy Campers

    Emirates New Zealand's entry to the 2011-2012 Volvo Ocean Race

    Does a bit of touring the North Island from Tauranga to Gisborne in 35 to 40 knots....
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  • Reclaiming History: Pierre Cayard reunited with his hand built El Toro

    Reclaiming History: Pierre Cayard reunited with his hand built El Toro

    Pierre Cayard is a fine furniture worker by trade, but when he moved to San Francisco decades ago, his calling changed as he became the primary set builder for the SF Ballet and SF Opera. When son Paul got into sailing in the late 60’s, El Toro’s were the in training vessel for youth, and Pierre volunteered his services to build on for the aspiring youngster Pierre admits it took much longer than it should of, mainly because of time constraints and working out of his garage after...
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  • Dark Side Of The Lens [Video]

    Dark Side Of The Lens [Video]

    The art and inner voice of Irish surf photographer Mickey Smith.

    "I never set out to become anything in particular, only to live creatively and push the scope of my experience for adventure and for passion… The raw brutal cold coastlands for the right waveriders to challenge – this is where my heart beats hardest… Most folk don’t even know who we are, and what we do or how we do it, let alone what they pay us for it. I never want to take this for granted so I try to...
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  • Sailing to Stop The Slaughter

    Sailing to Stop The Slaughter

    Sailing to Stop The Slaughter

    Michael Reppy’s Quest To Set SF to Tokyo Record And End Japanese Dolphin Harvesting

    At age 65, most people look forward to a nice quiet retirement, relaxing vactions and a less frantic existence. Marin County’s Michael Reppy, a phyiscial therapist by day, seeks to conquer something that has avoided him for much of his adult life. 1. The singlehanded record from SF to Tokyo Japan 2. Seeing ...
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  • Paul Oliva

    Paul Oliva

    PAUL OLIVA is best known for writing the San Francisco Chronicle's "On the Water Front" column appearing every other Friday in the Datebook Section. He is also chairman of South Beach Yacht Club, a public affairs consultant to government and business, and has been an ASA-certified sailing instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1999. Paul is an avid watersports enthusiast and enjoys sharing his passion with anyone who wants to experience life on the water. He owns, actively cr...
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  • David Well

    David Well

    Pressure Drop is happy to welcome David Wells as a contributor. David has been windsurfing and sailing for decades and keeps on eye on the Bay at all times from this home office above the Aquatic Park area of San Francisco Bay. An active member of the resurging formula board sailing community and an accomplished writer, David can keep us abreast of all things with board in them David Wells is the editor of and a self professed waterman in training. While primarily a winds...
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  • Vince Casalaina

    Vince Casalaina

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