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  • The Southern Ocean Bares Her Teeth

    The Southern Ocean Bares Her Teeth

    After 48 hours of building wind and seas, with gusts over 40 knots and waves approaching 7 metres, conditions are starting to moderate on Sunday with the IMOCA fleet turning south to squeeze between Cape Horn and the ice exclusion zone.

    The wind is in the 18-22 knot range and the waves are 5 metres and decreasing. That's still plenty of motion on an IMOCA, making movement on board difficult, but slightly better than over
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  • Blasting Towards The Horn

    Blasting Towards The Horn

    Lining up for the Horn

    Cape Horn is just over 1000 miles away, but they will be hard-earned miles...
    The teams have the end of the hardest part of the longest leg in the history of The Ocean Race in sight.

    On Friday afternoon UTC, the most iconic of landmarks to offshore sailors - Cape Horn - lies just over 1000 miles to the east.

    But those miles won't come easily. Gale force winds and 6-8 metre seas are on the menu
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  • A Bitter Blast Before Cape Horn

    A Bitter Blast Before Cape Horn

    With 20,000 miles and five months at sea, 70% of their voyage is complete.

    The leading yachts are starting to show little signs of fatigue requiring constant maintenance, just as they are undertaking the most difficult part of the course. They had 1800 miles to run between the end of the exclusion zone and the Cape Horn but now a storm has changed all that. The window that had opened last week for Simon Curwen to reach Cape Horn before February 8 has now closed and a succession
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  • A Sigh Of Relief For Gryphon Solo Crew

    A Sigh Of Relief For Gryphon Solo Crew

    Hello Friends-

    I am writing to report that Joe, Roger and GS2 made it around the infamous Cape Horn on December 18, 2022 (see photos below). I have been thinking about this for a very long time, really since I went around Cape Horn the first time in March 2016. That was a very rough and difficult passage, with winds and seas in excess of 60k/feet, and I was forced to round outside Diego Ramirez Island and could not get near Cape Horn rock for the classic photos. This time,
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  • Brad Rounds The Cape.

    Brad Rounds The Cape.

    The sun shines down as Brad Van Liew happily rounds Cape Horn....
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