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  • An Increase In Wind Lifts Spirits As Fleet Nears Straits Of Gilbralter

    WindWhisper Racing Team leads both fleets toward the Med and grabs Vasco da Gama Mirpuri Foundation Prize

    The Polish-flagged team has stretched away to a 90 mile lead, winning the Vasco da Gama Mirpuri Foundation Prize in the process...
    As skipper Daryl Wislang pushed his WindWhisper Racing Team across the line of 37-degress north latitude at 10:04 UTC on Wednesday morning, his team prepared to turn east towards the Strait of Gibraltar
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  • A Rapid Recovery For Malama

    A Rapid Recovery For Malama

    The Hague, The Netherlands
    Sunday, June 18, 2023

    11th Hour Racing Team has announced its plan to deliver its 60-foot race boat, Mālama, to Genoa, Italy, after the huge collision during the inshore section of the Leg 7 start, which saw the team forced to retire from the final leg of The Ocean Race 2022-23. 11th Hour Racing Team’s boat was hit by competitor GUYOT environnement - Team Europe just 17 minutes into the start of the leg, on its port side, leaving
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  • Working Hard To Get Back In The Race

    Working Hard To Get Back In The Race

    It might be hard to believe, given the scale of disappointment felt yesterday but these images were taken just an hour after the team docked back into The Hague.
    "The team is okay. It's been a tough afternoon but the most important thing is that everyone's okay," says Team CEO Mark Towill. "In my opinion, we've got one of the best tech teams in the world, so they're diagnosing exactly where we're at so we can make a plan."
    When the going gets tough...
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  • On The Edge In Port Race Goes To GUYOT

    On The Edge In Port Race Goes To GUYOT

    GUYOT environnement-Team Europe lead the way in fast and furious foiling conditions
    A fantastic first win for the popular IMOCA team at the In Port Race in The Hague

    The Hague served up some of the best racing conditions the IMOCA fleet has seen in this edition of The Ocean Race on Tuesday afternoon. Bright sunshine and strong winds approaching 20 knots made for fast and furious foiling for the In-Port Race.

    Benjamin Dutreux’s GUYOT environnement
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  • 3 Boat Drag Race To The Hague

    3 Boat Drag Race To The Hague

    The result was in doubt until the final moments of leg 6, with 11th Hour Racing Team along with Team Holcim-PRB and Team Malizia racing within shouting distance of each other during most of Sunday morning.

    The final approach to The Hague required one short upwind section where the boats were crisscrossing within metres with each tack, but skipper Charlie Enright's 11th Hour Racing Team held their nerve and made the final turn south with a small lead they would manage...
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  • Kiel Flyby Attracts Big Turnout

    Kiel Flyby Attracts Big Turnout

    Friday Fly By in Kiel attracts enormous crowds to cheer on IMOCA fleet
    VO65 crews are racing south from Norway turning mark towards a Sunday arrival in The Hague

    The last time The Ocean Race was in Kiel was on 9 June, 2002, and the German team, illbruck, was being celebrated for winning the Volvo Ocean Race. In the crowd was a young German sailor beginning his career - Boris Herrmann - and the event made a lasting impression.

    “I used to...
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  • Leg 6 Begins In Fickle Wind

    Leg 6 Begins In Fickle Wind

    Aarhus start - IMOCAs are underway in very light conditions - VO65s racing to The Hague

    1850 local / 1650 UTC: According to the Race Committee there is 'zero' wind on the race course area at the moment. Therefore the second lap is cancelled and teams will be required to pass through the start line and the 'gate' between marks 1 and 2 before they are free to proceed onwards to Kiel.

    1830 local / 1630 UTC: It's slow but steady progress...
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  • Malama Claims Leg 5

    Malama Claims Leg 5

    11th Hour Racing Team win Leg 5, grab overall lead in The Ocean Race
    Team Holcim-PRB hold on for second place, with Team Malizia third...

    Skipper Charlie Enright's smile was as bright as the early morning sun in Aarhus, Denmark on Monday morning as he led his 11th Hour Racing Team to a first place finish in leg 5 of The Ocean Race.

    The win was doubly important; the transatlantic race is a double-points
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  • New 24 Hour Monohull Record!

    New 24 Hour Monohull Record!

    New monohull record!!
    Team Holcim - PRB has passed 11th Hour Racing Team’s new Race record, but also beaten Comanche (a 100fter maxi)’s monohull record of 618.01nm which was established in 2015
    We can expect that record to keep rising...


    This story has been updated at 1000 UTC Friday morning

    Skipper Kevin Escoffier and his Team Holcim-PRB have shattered the existing 24-hour distance records in the monohull
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  • Hauling The Mail Across The North Atlantic

    Hauling The Mail Across The North Atlantic

    Pushing towards a record
    The leaders are screaming north at record-breaking pace...

    It's going to be an interesting 24-hours in The Ocean Race as the leading trio find themselves in strong downwind reaching conditions and 'relatively' flat water - a combination that could produce a new 24-hour distance record.

    11th Hour Racing Team, at the head of the fleet, is already posting a run of over 550 miles for
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  • A Fast Exit For Remaining Fleet

    A Fast Exit For Remaining Fleet

    Speeding towards the target
    The boats are taking advantage of favourable conditions to leave Newport behind, with Aarhus in their sights

    It's been a fast 24 hours in The Ocean Race, with teams making around 500 miles towards the target of the finish line - Aarhus, Denmark in northern Europe.

    The conditions are mostly favourable for making miles - reaching conditions in a north wind that is in the 25+ knot range. The limiting factor today is the sea state,
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  • Leg 5 Commences

    Leg 5 Commences

    Sunday, May 21, 2023

    The only US entry in The Ocean Race, 11th Hour Racing Team, has left its hometown of Newport, Rhode Island, and has set off from the Ocean State on Leg 5 of the 2022-23 edition of the round-the-world race. The team will sail their 60-foot IMOCA race boat 3,500 nautical miles [4,028 miles or 6,482 kilometers] across the Atlantic, sailing over the top of Scotland, finishing in Aarhus, Denmark.

    This transatlantic dash to Denmark’s
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  • Video Of Holcim-PRB Dismasting

    Video Of Holcim-PRB Dismasting

    Skipper Kevin Escoffier has reported his team (Annemieke Bes, Benjamin Schwartz, Fabien Delahaye and Georgia Schofield (OBR is safe after dismasting during leg 4 of The Ocean Race.

    The team was racing approximately 20 miles off the coast of Brazil in moderate winds and sea state.
    The dismasting occurred just after 0500 UTC on 27 April, on the fourth day of leg 4.

    Team Holcim-PRB, the overall race leader, was in the lead at the time, 9 miles ahead of
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  • Seeking Steady Wind A Tricky Situation

    Seeking Steady Wind A Tricky Situation

    It hasn't been a straightforward start to leg 4 of The Ocean Race as the IMOCA teams zig-zag away from the coast of Brazil, seeking favourable conditions to the east, whilst keeping an eye on the overall goal of making miles north.

    There's also big picture weather that dictates overall strategy to consider versus the very localised impact of clouds and squalls that must be deal with.

    "There's just a lot of random 'cloudage' going on here,"
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  • Northbound To Newport

    Northbound To Newport

    Early advantage to Biotherm as leg 4 kicks off on Super Sunday in Itaja?
    The second half of The Ocean Race is on as the fleet races north out of Brazil

    Nearly 350,000 fans visited the Ocean Live Park in Itaja?, Brazil this month to celebrate The Ocean Race stopover.

    And on Sunday, Leg 4 of The Ocean Race got underway, as the five-boat IMOCA fleet set out from Itaja?, on their 5,000+ nautical mile adventure towards Newport, Rhode Island,
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