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  • Settling Down In El Salvador

    Settling Down In El Salvador

    Louis is an excellent fisherman, shown here with a 42" Bull Dorado. While his skill on angling are quite sharp, sometimes he forgets to put his trousers on.... Our intrepid cruising couple, Luis and Laura Kruk have bid a fine adios to Mexican waters and headed south aboard their Beneteau 42 "Cirque" after 3 seasons cruising in the Mexican Riviera during the Fall /Winter /Spring seasons. The next part of the journey will lead them to Central America, then through the Canal at a leisure...
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  • Dekker's Circumnavigation Nears End

    Dekker's Circumnavigation Nears End

    The waves are rolling nonstop over deck now that Gup and the Trade Wind have found each other… And so between the closed hatches and the wind blowing outside I am left with two choices: either I stay inside in the stuffy heat or I go have a salt water bath outside and freeze in the wind ...I am doing both. Guppy is enjoying herself in the wind as she is charging through the waves at a good 6,5 knots eating down the miles to Sintt Maarten with 1450 nautical miles left to...
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  • Now That's Got Some Bite To It!

    Now That's Got Some Bite To It!

    Lake Macquarie in the New South Wales Region of Australia just played host to the Aussie A-Cat Nationals, and is Australia's largest saltwater lake. At 42.5 square miles, it is twice the size of Sydney Harbor. But don't let the "Lake" distinction fool you. Connected to the Tasman Sea via the Swansea Channel, large Apex predators can and do make trips inland. This Tiger Shark caught just off the Wangi Ramp for example might give you pause. Photo courtesy Rhys Byrne. ...
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  • A Crappy Start For Christmas

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    A Crappy Start For Christmas

    Our friend Tim Zimmerman is vacationing on the on Culebra, a small island on the eastern end of Puerto Rico, and last night witnessed 1st hand the unfortunate end to someone's joyous holiday in the Caribbean and their yacht "Morning Mist " ran aground attempting to enter Manglar Bay.

    ©Tim Zimmerman

    Tim writes about the event for Sailing World HERE We hope your Christmas is less harrowing and more on the joyous! As Pops used to say,"B...
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  • So You Want To Be A Light House Attendant?

    So You Want To Be A Light House Attendant?

    This video from the the Tip of Brittany, France might give you 2nd thoughts!

    How the buildings remain standing after such brutal pounding is simply astounding...
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  • Surfing The West Shore!

    Surfing The West Shore!

    If it's December 1st and you don't have enough snow to play in, then "Go Jump in the Lake!"

    East winds on Lake Tahoe gusting to 40 knot have made for "surfable" conditions along the Westshore.
    Water temps in the 40's and air temps in the 30's makes for a " Breath Taking" session for sure.
    We believe shrinkage may also become a factor!

    Image © Tim Rantz from Homewood Mountain Resort...
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  • Giving Thanks in Drakes Bay for a Bountiful Dungeness Harvest

    Giving Thanks in Drakes Bay for a Bountiful Dungeness Harvest

    Whilst the majority of the Bay Area populace were busy imbibing in post Thanksgiving Mall Abuse, rousing through the refer seeking something which didn't scream left over or huddled in front of the TV viewing college or pro football, Rob MacFarlane and his lady Kristen were enjoying the spaciousness of Drakes Bay aboard Rob's Nelson Marek 45' " Tiger Beetle. They arrived at Drakes late Saturday in thick fog and located a USCG mooring via radar and soon thereafter jumped into their dink ...
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  • AWT Wraps Up Sucessful Tour With Maui Makani Classic

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    AWT Wraps Up Sucessful Tour With Maui Makani Classic

    Ho'okipa Beach Park - Day Three of official competition at the American
    Windsurfing Tour’s Maui Makani Classic ended with competitors tired,
    satisfied, and pleased to see the sun after Saturday’s occasional showers
    and cloudy weather. While small waves left experts on the beach, Youth,
    Women, Amateur and Masters ventured out in to the breezy waters of Ho’okipa
    Beach Park for an afternoon of wave-slashing fun.

    Day 3 Acti...
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  • The Wedge Cracketh

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    The Wedge Cracketh

    The large southern hemi swell that force SCYC Officials to cancel this years Windjammers is putting on quite a show at south facing beaches. A big recipient of these long period swells is Newport Beaches " The Wedge", which is enhanced by the reverbration off the jetty. Warm weather is expected for the long holiday weekend, keep out a wary eye for these large sets if you take to the seashore or are sailing near south facing shores! all photos © Thomas John Sebourn You can ...
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  • Where is California City?

    Where is California City?

    If you actively sail San Francisco Bay, you have no doubt passed it by a thousand times. And if busy tending line and looking for wind, avoided getting to close to the rocky ridge and sought after better winds or current in the channel. The reference "California City" is used mostly by fishermen these days, as a reference for the holding spot for inbound Salmon just north of Racoon Straits on the Tiburon shoreline. But the little village has a rich history, beginning with the o...
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  • Dawdling On The Delta: Doo Dah 3D

    Dawdling On The Delta: Doo Dah 3D

    Delta DOO DAH 3D — A Rally From the Bay to the Deeta Berkeley to Stockton, July 30-August 5, 2011 On July 30, a fl eet of 50 sailboats will begin the week-long Delta Doo Dah, a rally from foggy San Francisco Bay to the balmy California Delta. Created and run by the West Coast’s premier sailing magazine, Latitude 38, this low-cost rally was established three years ago, during the height of the recession, to encourage local sailors to explore their home waters. “As a r...
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  • A Look Inside The America's Cup Environmental Impact Report

    A Look Inside The America's Cup Environmental Impact Report

    Above an below, artist's renditions of the new look of the Embarcadero's proposed
    transformation outlined in the just released EI Report Starting in the south, the Pier 80 area, which will be used for staging and the bulk of the 2012 events will have access for public to get close! Pier 30-32 will be the primary Base in 2013 but will take a large amount of time to complete, the good news is Red's Java Hut...
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  • Friday Fail

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    Friday Fail

    It's great to end the week with a chuckle. This time at the the expense of 2 time world surfing champion Tom Carroll as he attempts to surf his jetski at Margaret River Austrailia. © Jamie Scott/ Storm Surfers © Jamie Scott/ Storm Surfers © Jamie Scott/ Storm Surfers © Jamie Scott/ Storm Surfers Dean Cropp/Storm Surfers Despite the waning popularity of surfers using a personal watercraft (PWC) to tow themselves into big waves, certain surf breaks still deem PWCs nece...
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  • Slumming on USA 76

    Slumming on USA 76

    Deep 6 got his jollies today aboard US 76, the last IAAC boat from the Oracle Armada,
    which is now running charters on SF Bay by fomer Oracle Bowman Brad Webb abd Troy Sears
    Clicky Deep 6, still glowing, files this report:
    I knew that bailing from the NOODs was a good idea. The planets fell in line, and I have a spot on USA 76. Nice breeze on the bay, 20+ knots, waiting for the Rib ride out and we see the big black carbon spar of 76. We get out to the boat, 76 only...
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  • Spring Has Sprung, Reprise

    Spring Has Sprung, Reprise

    Eugene Chow of Foster City has become quite adapt at single handing the 3 hulls of his Contour 34
    "Silent Wonder" seen here gobbling up the miles on this, the 1st day of spring since winter departed yesterday,
    June the 6th. In case you missed it, this is what spring should look like here in the Northern California Area.

    Go get some before it disappears again!

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