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While the amount of wind varied by the forecast, the wind was definitely going to come from the south. As excited as I was to be back on board Big D (aka Love Rollercoaster) after a month of land-yachting in Baja, I was dreading a lumpy ride from hell (in a BIG bucket) to HMB. What kind of race is it if you can't fly a kite?


We headed out the G8 in 13-15 knots of breeze. The wind was supposed to die outside, but it didn't. We actually saw wind speeds up to 24 knots, but it pretty much hung around 20 knots. Surprisingly, the sea state was relatively mellow, even though it was against us. Using the head was risky business. If only we had a gimbaled head like Maserati (See video - go to 1:02 for awesome visuals - thanks BVL). Oh, and there was a lot of tacking.


We stayed on the outside while others in our fleet were on the inside. It was not the usual SC50 sleigh ride. It was reminiscent of that horrible Class 3 washboard road from Punta San Francisquito to El Arco... But, as usual, we had a great time. Zamazaan had a few tricks up their sleeves (Mercer, Gilmour, ... to name a few) and finished right behind us. It was a close one.

We turned and burned. The ride home was worth all of the thrashing. It was a nice way to end the day, a beautiful day. We put the kite up and drove downhill like The Joker (with ridiculous smiles on our faces).


The sea life was abundant - there were smelly whales, a couple of basking mola mola, and an acrobatic sea lion. We even heard SF celebrating love to a disco beat. Lucky for Sue Alexander (our "man trimmer" - see PD OYRA Crewed Farallons ; "I thought I'd get to see whales, instead I got to see some barf" -- Lat 38 ), this time, we saw whales and no barf. We definitely enjoyed the ride.

Peace Out, Bagley
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