There are hard-core adreneline pumped racers, who have salt water in their veins. Then there is the laid-back, take me where the wind blows, type of cruiser. I fall somewhere in the middle. Like many yacht club members, I like the weekday beer can races to break up the M-F office week. The weekends are a mix of day and overnight sails with friends, and a few bay races each month. These races are a bit more intense, due primarily to the mix of personalities aboard all the yachts. I get into the spirit of it and jockey for position at the starting line. Quietly whisper (yay right!) to my crew when I need sails trimmed or weight on the rails. It is exciting! I love it!

Now I could, and often I am, be way out of line here...But I feel as though fees are rising every year.

To race, you have to be a member of the Yacht Racing Association (YRA) of SF Bay, and so does your YC, then you need to pay for a PHRF rating certificate each year (my boat doesn't grow 3" per year, does yours?). Then there are the race entry fees. All the money goes to YRA, presumably to promote and administer racing of SF Bay, right? The last time I checked, the YC's sponsored, administered, tabulated results, and heard protest. What does the YRA do? Trophies don't cost that much, do they? Perhaps it is the rent to have an office in Fort Mason, honestly, I don't know.

Boating & Sailing, is a sport. It costs money, I get it. I dish out thousands a year to maintain my sailing yacht, to pay for berthing, to be a member of a yacht club.

Okay, here is the line that will get you to comment. Ready? Wait for it...

The point I would like to understand is simply, what does YRA do with all of our fees? It is begining to feel like a tax on racing. What do you think?